Mar 25, 2012

Libya: US and UK Government International Actions Since 1945 [Intervention and Exploitation]

End of the Italian colonization of Libya, when the Sanussiys give in. [1]

With the fall of the Axis powers in the World War 2, Britain and France divides Libya: Tripolitania and Cyrenaica comes under British control. Fezzan comes under French control[1]

In secret talks with the British, U.S. officials agree to support a British base in Cyrenaica and also agree, as the best way of securing this base, to a British trusteeship over that province. [17]

Mar 24, 2012


One headline from Tripoli Post yesterday truly shocked me, the headline went like this :
 "Libya:Libyan Oil Firms Get more Autonomy to Become Economically Successful" 
Pause ...

As if they were not Economically Successful before?
As if using the word 'Autonomy' is less intrusive way to say "Privatization is coming"?
As if Privatization doesn't mean Private Success of the new owners?

Police Detain 32 Libyans Who Ransacked Istanbul Consulate

Libya protesters
Postcards from Libyan banks
Turkish police detained more than two dozen Libyans after they occupied and ransacked the Libyan consulate in Istanbul on Friday to protest at a lack of financial support from their government while in Turkey for medical treatment.

"We detained a total of 32 Libyans. They complained they haven't received money for months," Osman Yildirim, police chief for the downtown Beyoglu district of Istanbul, told Reuters.

He said the Libyans believed they were entitled to receive 250 euros a month from the consulate while they were in Turkey for treatment, not just for themselves but for each accompanying family member.

Some wanted to stay in Turkey, and some wanted to get married, he added.

Scuffles broke out and protesters threw stones, as riot police dispersed a crowd of around 70 protesters outside the building and sealed off the surrounding streets, near Istanbul's landmark Taksim Square.

The protesters also smashed doors, windows, phones, desks and computers in the consulate.

Libyans in Turkey have frequently protested outside both the consulate in Istanbul and embassy in Ankara in recent months. 

Mar 22, 2012

SHOCKING VIDEO: Feb17 mercenaries storming neighborhoods in Zawiyah,beating & killing anti-NTC residents


Feb17 mercenaries storming neighborhoods in Zawiyah,beating & killing anti - NTC residents.
Video shows the raids, arrests,killings, storming neighborhoods which are not in support of the legitimacy of the new 'Libyan NATO state', done by the NATO mercenaries in Zawiyah against the residents which do not support the NATO revolution.


Mar 20, 2012

EXCLUSIVE Sarkozy wants Sanusi because " Gaddafi's Black Box " could destroy his election chances

Uploaded by EuroPropaganda on 19 Mar 2012 " Gaddafi's Black Box "

Article: Gaddafi poured millions into Sarkozy campaign by The Herald On Line
FRENCH president Nicolas Sarkozy received up to £42 million from the Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to fund his election bid in 2007, it was claimed on Monday.
The report comes six weeks before the first round of France's presidential election on April 22.
FRENCH president Nicolas Sarkozy received up to £42 million from 
the Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi 
to fund his election bid in 2007 
The funding however, did not stop Sarkozy from being at the forefront of the military campaign that ousted Gaddafi.
Evidence made public in Paris is said to prove that the two men had an illegal financial arrangement that helped Sarkozy to power in 2007.

Muammar al Gaddafi - a Symbol of Justice, Resistance, Honor and Freedom in World

by Konstantyn Scheglikov
He stands as an shining example of a great leader who does not cut and run from his own country,to only save his own life, when his country and even his own person and life come under enormous enemy threat from the outside.

Against all odds against him, Leader Gaddafi,  showed to the world, that he was indeed willing to sacrifice his own life, for what he believed in, when he defiantly and valiantly stood up and fought against the combined enemies and invaders of his country Libya.

A celebration of an International Muammar Gaddafi Day, will remind all the peoples of the world, to set their values and goals in life in a higher order,which has nothing to do with material values alone.

For, the visionary leader Muammar stood for Justice, Equality and Freedom for his Libyan People and for his African Peoples, as well as for all the oppressed peoples of our World. 
Therefore, the world should come together and celebrate a Muammar Gaddafi Day, in his honer and in recognition of his immense contribution to the our world.

Great Honorable Leader Muammar Gaddafi was and will always remain a Symbol of Justice, Honor and Freedom in the New world. 
(edited by Genet Tadesse)

Mar 19, 2012

NATO 'covers up' Libyan death shame [RT]

Amnesty: [NATO 'covers up' Libyan death shame] NATO has failed to investigate civilian deaths incurred during military campaign 
The report from Amnesty International is called Libya: The forgotten victims of NATO Strikes 
NATO has failed to investigate scores of civilian deaths incurred during its seven-month military campaign in Libya, Amnesty international says. NATO expressed its “regret” for civilian casualties but has taken no steps to initiate an investigation.

Report Libya 19. March 2012

Moammar Al Gaddafi HERO 
*** Report from resistance: Abu Salim Resistance ended today a very important operation in Tripoli. They captured important group of Qatari and Italian rats , which are now in resistance prisons, they are all alive. The operation was planned for the last 7 days.
***  Mercenary and 'wanna-be king' of Cyrenaica- Zubair says:
Misurata and the Zentan are unnanounced federations..
Ahmed Sanoussi separatist mercenary said that “ Misurata behaves as a federal territory or state itself making air flights without reference to NTC ...There are strange things ... Misurata barred any citizen from entering it and there was the problem of full city cleansed and taworgha came to Benghazi ” ...
The Zentan controlling the airport and dominating others and acting like a federal State or territory. The Government doesn't control anything, but lavish offices“ "As I explained to you, Misurata and the Zentan are Acting as federal territories but they wont tell that explicitly. The issue is matter of courage, someone wants to announce it openly and there are some without such openness. "
*** Green Square - Tripoli is blocked now!!! By armed gangs

Mar 18, 2012

Report Libya 18. March 2012.

by Libya S.O.S. FB page 
Update 24h/
Video- President of the new "country" Barca Ahmed El Senussi Zoubeiri [a nephew of ex king Idris ] accused the NTC of armed repression of the pro-federalist demonstration organized in Benghazi on December 16, 2012.
He accused them of sending people to attack peaceful demonstrators.
He asked the NTC to stop doing propaganda in the mosques throwing fatwas against Barca. 

 -  ID card of a Hero Mutassim Gaddafi ..
Now let me see ID cards of those quazi-Libyan officials whose first time in Libya was on feb17th 2011?

 -  There were clashes near the Tunisian-Libyan border shortly before between Libyan and Tunisian armed elements
 - Tripoli: Mazran street blocked, clashes in some areas
 - URGENT WARNING: There are  reports of 6 tanks of mustard gas reaching Tripoli. There are also rumors of leaks in the gas tanks....
 - Lifting of green flags over some shops in Tunisia today

 -  Libya frees two British journalists working for Iranian PressTV

24h/  TUNISIA - Tunisia conference about Libya - (This needs a better translation)
Tunis Conference, March 10, 2012: "The Libyans under the authority of militias and armed gangs" ->
23h/ TRIPOLI -Photo from earlier today. These ex-feb17 fighters demanded 2000 dinars, saying "we've been tricked by the cross to destroy our own country"

22h/ SIRTE: In the fightings between resistance and NTC security forces 3 people injured so far
21h/ Ex-Feb17 fighters want to overthrow NTC government. Clashes all over Libya
21h/ NEWSFLASH: NTC Tripoli Council has been closed by armed forces belonging to ex-feb17 fighters from Friday Market

Mar 17, 2012

Libya, Benghazi: Anti-federalism protests, vandalism and chaos [16. March 2012.]

Demonstrators flooded the streets of Tripoli and Benghazi to protest against federalism.

Protesters in Benghazi against NTC and against Barqa council were attacked by Pro-King Idris supporters "federalists"

Mar 14, 2012

Libya news [backup libyasos] 29. February - 08. March 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 08.  March 2012.
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News
24h/ And the 8th of march #US PUPPET &TRAITOR award goes to #Libya 's Hanaa Habashi.. Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton with their main female spy which has received US International Women's Award for bravery in 2012 during a ceremony held in the hall of Dean Acheson at the State Department in Washington, DC, on March 8
Demons and puppet
23h/ The primary focus of this program will be on AVAAZ, a US NGO organization that has its tentacles in Syria as it did in LibyaAVAAZ, Obama and the Makings of War Through Demonstrations and Humanitarianism, 1 of 2
22h/ Report Libya: News about political arrests and kidnappings in Libya

Libya news [backup libyasos] 21. February - 28. February 2012.

Libya S.O.S. resistance news 28.  February  2012
00h/  Good Articles you can read on Libya S.O.S. Daily News  
00h/ Students at classes in Libya reading what...
Libya: Student in Classes 

Mar 13, 2012

Report Libya 12. March 2012

Tripoli, Libya with The Brother elader Gaddafi 

*** Libya suffocating in garbage

***  Libya today- fully armed people walk around streets in broad daylight, NTC does nothing to disarm them

*** Armed fight with live bullets this afternoon in one of the gates of educational institutions Shaabiya of Tripoli led to the intervention of battalion Al Saadawi Jermanah to resolve the problem.. this engagement resulted in the injury of two members of the NATO chicken Army
*** Today's photo from #Palestine - ambulance - a donation from #Gaddafi International Foundation

Mar 11, 2012


Having a place to go - is a home.  Having someone to love - is a family.  Having both - is a blessing. 

by Libya S.O.S [ FB page]
BREAKING NEWS #Libya : Gaddafi family had their phones taken away & arent allowed to put the kids in school & arent allowed out !

* Saifa Gaddafi,children of Muammar and his grandchildren have been in a form of a house arrest for the last six weeks in #Algeria

* Algeria has been denying basic human rights to Gaddafi's children and grandchildren who have nothing to do with Libyan war (please share and hashtag these twits, cause we are banned from appearing on hashtaged walls)


Dr. Hamza Touhami has sent a video-audio-message about the attempted partition of Libya.

The Western Powers are planning from a long time this partition, and stupid Nato-rats are serving them this opportunity on a silver platter.

Dr. Touhami said rat Mustapha Abdeljalil agrees that partition, while he pretends that he is against: rat Abdeljalil is a liar, because in reality he has already pocketed the prize for his treason and crimes committed against the Libyan people and the Jamahiriya.

Statement by Secretary Clinton: Libya's National Day

Office of the Secretary of State

On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, I congratulate the people of Libya as you mark your National Day on September 1.

Our governments have not always agreed on every issue, but our people share the dream of a safer world, a better life, and a brighter future for our children. 
The United States is committed to working with Libya to achieve these common goals. Although we have only recently reestablished relations between our countries, I hope these new bonds will endure well into the future. We look forward to strengthening the partnership between our governments even as we work through difficult issues, and we seek always to strengthen the friendship between our peoples. 

On this occasion, we honor your history and culture, and I offer the people of Libya our warmest wishes for a happy holiday and a peaceful and prosperous year to come. [1] 
This statement full of warm wishes and intentions was issued in 2010, before Hillary destroyed Libya with depleted-uranium bombs.
 20 October 2011. 

Mar 9, 2012

Green Libyan Soldier Tells His and Libya's Story

Report Libya 08/09 March 2012

‘ Libya to see endless war of tribal feuds’ 
As Libya’s eastern region of Cyrenaica declares its semi-autonomy from the central government, political analyst Pepe Escobar says no one will be intervening this time to stop a war among Libyan tribes should it kick off.
The Cyrenaica region, with its center in Benghazi, the cradle of last year’s uprising against Muammar Gaddafi, declared its intention on Tuesday. The new state, to be known as Barqa, will have its own parliament and police force, and wants to run its affairs independently from Tripoli.
Tribes in eastern Libya have been antagonizing Tripoli for decades now, remarks Escobar. The new leaders, witnessing the growing federalism in the country, seem to want a leaf from Gaddafi’s book, he says.
We have a NATO puppet in Tripoli, Mustafa Abdel Nato. He says he is going to intervene into Cyrenaica because people there are splintering. So what is he going to be: Gaddafi 2.0?” asks Escobar.
Wherever a conflict among Libyan tribes may take the country, Western powers are not likely to get involved in Libya’s political affairs – as long as Tripoli honors the contracts, he points out.
“Who cares about the future of Libya as a democracy? 
The country is splintered – NATO does not care. 
The US, the French and the Brits don’t care as long as they have contracts with Tripoli. The alliance of Washington, London, Paris and the Gulf Cooperation Council wants to take over and then distribute the spoils. 
The war between tribal feuds is going to continue forever,” Escobar told RT. 

*** Kufra -  Belhaj ex Al Qaeda member visted Kufra. Glasses to look smarter? 

*** Benghazi - a fire on market

Mar 8, 2012

Report Libya: News about political arrests and kidnappings in Libya

One of  NTC clowns 

*** Deputy Interior Minister in Benghazi stressed that the abducted Warfalla leaders are enemies of February 17, that they are in good health after the delegation visited some, and now are being held at the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior, negotiations were still ongoing between the eastern region and kidnappers from Ministry of Interior.


" MI6's Paul Conroy in Libya (in blue bulletproof vest) with, on the right, Al-Qaeda leaders Mahdi al-Harati (in black body armor) and Abdelhakim Belhaj (in camouflaged jacket)."
The BBC has strong links to MI6 and its friends.
Baroness Park of Monmouth was a top MI6 spy. (Daphne Park, MI6 woman with a 30-year secret career. )She became a governor of the BBC.
Dame Pauline Neville Jones was head of the UK's Joint Intelligence Committee.
The spooky Neville Jones became a BBC governor in 1998.

She has links with defence firm Qinetiq which supplies US forces in Iraq.

Read full Excellent Article:

Mar 7, 2012

Exiled Libyan monarchy shamelessly admit their role in fomenting Libyan war

Brussels April 2011.

"The European Parliament is preparing for democratic change in Libya.
The "severe impoverishment" must be relative and apply to the half dozen sheiks who feel they have a right to run things, since Libya has the highest standard of living in Africa, thanks to Kadhafi's wicked policies."

From: DEVA Nirj
Sent: 14 April 2011 18:19
To: MEP & ASSISTANTS-7th-Legislature
Cc: Bruxelles
Subject: INVITATION: Exchange of views with the LIBYAN CROWN PRINCE - Sayyid Mohammed El Senussi

Dear friends,

Mar 6, 2012

New Libyan state - Barqa - owned by Bernard Henry Levy - declares its existance

Today's conference said the new eastern Libya state, which they named "Barqa", will have its own parliament, police force, courts and capital — Benghazi— to run its own affairs. The plan seeks to revive the pre-Gadhafi system in place from 1951 until 1963, when Libya, ruled by a monarchy, was divided into three states: Tripolitania in the west, Fezzan in the southwest and Cyrenaica in the east — or Barqa, as it was called in Arabic. 
Photo - the same people who were making arrangements with  Bernard Henry Levy [BHL] in March 2011, are now calling for division of Libya & holding the flag of "independent Cyreanica" in March 2012.

The gathering appointed Ahmed al-Zubair, ex-prisoner, as leader of its governing council. Al-Zubair, a descendant of the former Libyan King Idris whom Gadhafi ousted in 1969 coup, is also a member of the National Transitional Council.

What did a foreign-backed 'revolution' bring to Libya

1. Loss of sovereignety, all unsatisfied regions want autonomy now,borders are 'legally protected' by foreign forces [Italian and French],foreign military bases on its soil, and airspace out of domestic control.
No one respects new puppet government, there are no legal police institutions, or national army, country is 'ruled' by different militias which are infighting among themselves.

Feb 28, 2012

New Libyan "democratic" leader Jalil wants blood of all Gaddafi family members

Jalil: "Libya will not forgive those who refuse to hand over symbols of Qaddafi regime."
Gaddafi's family with Indira Gandhi
President of the Libyan National Transitional Council , or better to be called US Retaliatory Council -Mustafa Abdul Jalil said that "the Libyan people will never forgive those who are reluctant to hand over criminals" of the ex-Libyan regime of the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
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